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Online Dressage Rules
  • Open to LAR & Non LAR Horses.

  • Tests will be released on the 1st of every month.

  • Tests must be submitted by the 15th of that month.

  • Results will be available by the end of the month.

  • Points will be given on percentage.

  • You may not submit a test from a show.

  • No headsets, earpieces or outside assistance is allowed.

  • The online league is completely separate from the other leagues

  • A small entry fee will be charged

  • The judge's decision is final.

  • Videos need to be clear and of the highest quality possible.

  • The sound must be on in the video.

  • If filming on a smartphone, please use the device in landscape orientation.

  • The test must be filmed from C.

  • Please try and use zoom as much as possible; it must be used when the rider is at A end of the arena.

  • The test must be filmed in a clearly marked and correct size arena.

  • Please ensure the judge can see the edges of the arena.

  • Casual attire may be worn.

  • If you wear competition clothing, the horse must please wear boots or bandages.

  • Bitless bridles are permitted.

  • Bitted horses to wear snaffle bridles only (as per Emirates Equestrian Federation Rules)

  • No martingales or training devices are allowed.

  • Awards will be given monthly.

  • If enough entries, there will be prize money.

  • Thoroughbreds and Arabians will be judged together; however, there will be an overall Champion Thoroughbred and an overall Champion Arabian at the end of summer.

  • Your top 3 scores will count towards Championship.

Our Judges

May 2022 Nina Pilawa

 July 2022 Alison Abrahams

June 2022 Sabina Sasnouskaya

August 2022 Ruth Glasgow

September 2022 Arash Abassi

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